Restaurant La Deu - Olot

Restaurant La Deu

Restaurant La Deu - Olot

Ctra. de la Deu s/n
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Capacidad: 600 personas
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The La Deu restaurant is located in the Natural Park of the Volcanic Area of the Garrotxa, and dates back to 1885. At first it was a hostel which opened at weekends. Neighbours from nearby farms came there to drink a glass of new wine made from the locally grown grapes.
After 1910, meals were made and the business was open during the entire week. The women from the family ran the hostel while the men kept on with work in the fields.
In 1943 the first “Bretxa potatoes” were made, they are known today as the traditional La Deu potatoes.
In the sixties the men from the family left farmwork behind them to dedicate their efforts to full time work in the restaurant.
The restaurant has always been managed by the Reixach family. Today the fourth and fifth generations of the family are working together, producing Catalan cuisine and together with other restaurants in the county are committed members of the Volcanic Cuisine Group.

Our cuisine has developed over time and has adapted to the tastes and the demands of our clients with the introduction of new specialities.

Our culinary selection could be defined as a combination of tradition and modernity, where the famous haricot beans from Santa Pau with crumbled traditional Catalan sausage “botifarra”, the charcoal broiled chicken, the duck magret stuffed with foie gras and the medallion of monkfish stuffed with truffles and served with prawns all share the same space. This has been made possible by the constant dedication of the family members involved in the restaurant, who, generation after generation, have included new recipes and innovations to improve and extend, day after day, our selection, not to mention those dishes which have been passed down from father to son, and which provide the basis for our local cuisine.

We have various rooms with differing capacities which have been especially prepared for celebrations and business events.
Meetings, conferences and meals are set to the order of the day for companies requiring outdoor or neutral areas for events of this type.

• Ample garden areas for drinks and appetisers and the ceremony (which are sure to meet your expectations).

• We have private dining areas so you can celebrate your events in an exclusive manner.

• Personalised menu according to the needs of our clients, with the guarantee of the highest possible quality in our products with expert service and cuisine.

• We offer the opportunity of an overnight stay in a small 12-room hotel –a restored and converted 19th century Catalan mansion house.

La Carte:

Catalan salad

Cod salad (Carpaccio)

Apple and foie gras Mille feuilles

Vegetable pie with a base of green asparagus

Caramelised “entier” of foie gras

Traditional La Deu potatoes

Assorted grilled vegetables

Haricot beans from Santa Pau with crumbled Catalan sausage


“Escalivada” (potato, pepper, aubergine and onion)

Home-made cannelloni

Charcoal broiled Catalan sausage “botifarra” and Santa Pau

haricot beans with crumbled saussage

Charcoal broiled chicken quarter with garnish

Flambéed goat kid with fine herbs

Crusty foie gras “Crujient de Foie La Deu” (speciality dish)

Beef with mushrooms

Casseroled pig’s trotters

“Carbonada Volcánica” (stewed beef with beer and mushroom