Restaurant Hostal dels Ossos - Batet de la Serra

Restaurant Hostal dels Ossos

Restaurant Hostal dels Ossos - Batet de la Serra

Ctra. de Santa Pau s/n - km 2,7
Batet de la Serra -
Capacidad: 140 personas
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Hostal del Ossos "The Bones", where does this name? usually ask anyone name enigmatic and curious, very distant source, on the rough ground volcanic Garrotxa is the place where ingenuity and the desire of three generations have maintained and kept faithfully, essentially traditional cuisine, homemade and volcanic

Our restaurant offers a warm and traditional, which includes three generations, from grandparents to grandchildren. It all began in 1976 when he opened the small inn with the help of grandparents and children, people with drive, work and co-operation • of grandchildren, the inn was being built larger and modernized, but keeping tradicionalitat.

The cusine of our restaurant is based on tradicionalitat and home cooking with products from our region, Garrotxa. Clear examples would be the screws to the patches, the scrambled Santa Pau beans with sausage and mushrooms rags, bones of the melodies, duck with pears, spine bones, veal with mushrooms, pork feet with turnips on the beech yogurt mousse, the buckwheat porridge, buckwheat volcanet in the bowl and meat stew (Tuesdays at noon).

Our restaurant has seating for 130 people spread over 4 halls.
We also have dining rooms for family parties, communions, baptisms ...
Adapted playground for children.

Our dishes:

spoon pumpkin pumpkin with serrated sheep

Olives esbadocades

"Bones of spine" accompanied with grilled Santa Pau beans

Beef with Mushrooms

Two lamb chops and sausage

Grilled Pork Pies


Buckwheat porridge with sugar or honey or syrup ratafia

Catalan custard with caramel or orange