Our mission is to add value to our Members' businesses.

Information and formalities:
New government regulations in the specific field of hospitality. (example: Negotiation of the Convention Hospitality and shipping). Information on subsidies, the sector studies and surveys. Processing documentation: registering and changes in ownership or reclassification boards, complaint forms, price lists.

Subsidies for hospitality and help in dissemination applications.

Agreements with companies providing conditions and prices much more advantageous.

ERM Correduria offers Insurance Solutions has been developed in conjunction the best compantes - the world's leading risk specialist and insurance brokers, to provide co-ordinated insurance and risk services, industry specific products and expertise to all members Banks La Caixa specific agreement with very favorable conditions.

Trade Card Garrotxa, La Caixa and AHLG our partners may include this service for their customers.
Specialized training courses subsidized and intended for employers and employees associated establishments. Gextion Company offers an Implementation of HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and control of the points of critics) for restaurants, bars and hotels with 100% Bonus training for the company. Includes certification training for food handlers.

Promotion including establishments in the guide the members, also guides at a local tourism promotion as well as other publications. website with fact sheets and individualized for each facility include the possibility of photos and video. Links to the web of the establishment.

Email customized for each establishment. Mostra Gastronomía de la Garrotxa - organization and participation as well as other fairs and conferences to promote gastronomy and tourism within the district, provincial and international.

Representation in other organizations of hospitality and tourism like >Turisme Garrotxa Federació d’Hostaleria de les Comarques de Girona, Cambra de Comerç de Girona, Patronat Turisme Girona Costa Brava Pirineus, FOEG – PIMEC –SEFES - FERH - CEHAT-Confederació de Hoteles i Alojamientos, Zontur i altres.

Leisure activities, excursions and visits of interest in associates.

Assemblies as periodical traveling and meeting place for discussion of topics of interest of members.